Shigure Aotsuki
Shigure anime design 2
 Kanji 蒼月紫暮(あおつき しぐれ)
 Romaji Aotsuki Shigeru
 Species Human
 Status Alive
 Age 47
 Gender Male
 Affiliations Kouhamei Sect
 Relatives Sumako Aotsuki (wife)
Ushio Aotsuki (son)
 Manga Debut Chapter 1
 Anime Debut Episode 1
 Japanese VA Fujiwara Keiji (TV)
Takeshi Aono (OVA)
 English VA John Swasey (OVA)

Shigure Aotsuki (蒼月紫暮, Aotsuki Shigure) is the father of Ushio Aotsuki and husband of Sumako Aotsuki. He is the Head Priest of the Fugen'in (芙玄院).




Power & AbilitiesEdit

Expert Hand to Hand combat: Shigure displays excellent hand to hand combat.

Expert Exorcist: He is an expert in sealing and exterminating youkai.

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