Michio Hanyuu

Michio soul finding peace

Michio as Oni

 Kanji 羽生 道雄 (はにゅう みちお)
 Romaji Hanyū Michio
 Species Human/Youkai
 Status Deceased
 Gender Male
 Relatives Reiko Hanyuu (daughter)
 Manga Debut Chapter 6
 Anime Debut Episode 3
 Japanese VA Miyake Kenta (TV)

Michio Hanyuu (羽生 道雄 Aotsuki Ushio) is the father of Reiko Hanyuu and a famous painter. After his wife cheated and left him, he started bearing grudge against people. While drawing his last painting, he done it with such hatred that his soul moved into the painting and he turned into an Oni (鬼). As an Oni, he was protecting his daughter against anyone who gets close to her in order for she to stay at his side.



He has a daughter fetish.


Michio kills every guy that comes near his daughter because he wants her for himself.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

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