Mazeru no Kiken
 Performer Kinniku Shoujo Tai
 Lyrics Ootsuki Kenji
 Composition Honjou Toshiaki
 Arrangement Kinniku Shoujo Tai
 Episodes Episode 1 - Episode 26
 Length 4:18
 Air Date July 3, 2015
 Release Date August 5, 2015

Mazeru no Kiken (混ぜるな危険, Mixing Danger) by Kinniku Shoujo Tai is the first opening theme of the anime Ushio and Tora.


The song debuted in the 1st episode as opening sequence. The single track along with others songs, was released on August 5, 2015. From Episode 14, the animation sequence featured new scenes.

Single TracklistEdit

  1. Mazeru no Kiken - 4:18
  2. イワンのばか('14 Live Version) - 6:32
  3. ムツオさん('14 Live Version) - 6:01
  4. 釈迦('14 Live Version) - 5:03
  5. Mazeru no Kiken~TV Mix Version~ - 1:32
  6. Mazeru no Kiken Instrumental - 4:17



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