Mayuko Inoue
Mayuko anime design
 Kanji 井上真由子(いのうえ まゆこ)
 Romaji Inoue Mayuko
 Species Human
 Status Alive
 Age 14
 Gender Female
 Manga Debut Chapter 1
 Anime Debut Episode 1
 Japanese VA Yasuno Kiyono (TV)
Touma Yumi (OVA)
 English VA Mandy Clark (OVA)

Mayuko Inoue (井上真由子, Inoue Mayuko) is Asako's best friend. She is more sweet and feminine. She cares for Ushio Aotsuki and has feelings for Tora, whom she readily buys hamburgers for. Later, she took in Kirio Inasa as her stepbrother. It is also revealed that she belongs to the lineage of powerful lady shamans.


Plot Edit

She is the descendant of Jie Mei and is supposed to be the successor of the Oyakume.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

Barrier Creation: As a descendant of the bloodline of the Oyakume, Mayuko is able to create psychic barriers powerful enough to hold back Hakumen.