Kagari anime design
 Kanji かがり
 Romaji Kagari
 Species Youkai
 Status Alive
 Age 400+
 Gender Female
 Relatives Raishin (brother)
Juurou (brother)
 Japanese VA Shimizu Risa (TV)
Hiromi Tsuru (OVA)
 English VA Monica Rial (OVA)

Kagari (かがり, Kagari) is a female Kamaitachi (Sickle-Weasel) and the youngest of three Kamaitachi siblings, her older brothers being Raishin and Juuro.

She and her brothers were driven from their old home when it was turned into a golf course and Juuro, originally a gentle demon became filled with hatred for humans and began wantonly killing any he found. When they heard that Ushio was in the area, Raishin and Kagari approached Ushio to ask for his help. During the battle Ushio after realizing where Juuro was coming from began to cry for the sufferings of yokai which moved Juuro, who along with Tora and the workers of a construction site managed to free Raishin and Kagari when they were pinned under a construction vehicle. Afterwards Ushio promised to find a place for the siblings to live, but Juuro, believing that such a place did not exist, attacked Ushio causing him to kill Juuro on reflex and he died, finally at peace. Afterwards Raishin and Kagari became staunch allies of Ushio and Tora, defending them against the wrathful demons of Tono.

Kagari and her brother Raishin detest other humans but they treat Ushio with great respect, calling him Ushio-dono, and they do not blame him for their brother's death. Kagari initially thought little of Tora and even chopped his arm off, but grew to respect and admire hm as she does Ushio. Her true form is that of a large but lithe weasel, but she always appears as a beautiful young woman with a simple dress and long black hair.


Kagari, along with her brother Raishin are one of the few characters that makes another appearance in Mitsuhisa Tamura's second manga, Bakegyamon. Both of them mostly take on their human forms, and seemed to hold a grudge against Sanshiro but eventually warmed up to him, similar to their relationship with Ushio. However, their brother Juuro did not make an appearance.

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