The Sea of the Ayakashi
Episode 06 Title
Episode Info
 Kanji あやかしの海
 Romaji Ayakashi no Umi
 Air Date August 7, 2015
 Episode Direction Matsumura Masaki
 Storyboard Yano Hiroyuki
 Screenplay Inoue Toshiki
 Animation Direction Takahashi Mika
Episode Chronology
Episode 5 Episode 7

The Sea of the Ayakashi (あやかしの海, Ayakashi no Umi) is the 6th episode of Ushio and Tora TV series.



On a beach trip, Ushio encounters a little boy who seems determined to ruin everyone else's fun. Meanwhile, Tora encounters a gigantic ayakashi that seeks to devour humans and yokai alike.


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