Exorcist Hyou
Episode 05 Title
Episode Info
 Kanji 符咒師 鏢
 Romaji Fujushi Hyō
 Air Date July 31, 2015
 Episode Direction Yoshida Daisuke
 Storyboard Yoshida Daisuke
 Screenplay Inoue Toshiki
 Animation Direction DRMOVIE
Episode Chronology
Episode 4 Episode 6

Exorcist Hyou (符咒師 鏢, Fujushi Hyō) is the 5th episode of Ushio and Tora TV series.



Hyou is an exorcist that lives in the world of darkness. He lost his beloved wife and daughter to a youkai that gave him a scar on his face, and continues to search for it to get revenge. What he remembers of the youkai is that it was a dark shadow that suddenly came out from behind him. Hyou then sees news footage of Tora on TV, and believes he's the youkai he had been after and heads to Japan. Eventually, he finds Tora, and...


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