The Demon That Dwells in the Painting
Episode 03 Title
Episode Info
 Kanji 絵に棲む鬼
 Romaji E ni Sumu Oni
 Air Date July 17, 2015
 Episode Direction Koujina Hiroshi
 Storyboard Koujina Hiroshi
 Screenplay Inoue Toshiki
 Animation Direction Ishii Mai
Episode Chronology
Episode 2 Episode 4

The Demon That Dwells in the Painting (絵に棲む鬼, E ni Sumu Oni) is the 3rd episode of Ushio and Tora TV series.



Reiko Hayuu is a student at Ushio's junior high school that is known as someone who doesn't want to live, due to the fact that she has attempted suicide multiple times. One day, Ushio goes with Asako and others to an art exhibit of his favorite painter, and the portraits of Reiko catches his eye. Ushio eventually finds out that the Reiko in the portraits is the same Reiko that goes to his school, and asks her to be his model for his paintings. However, he finds out that death seems to follow those who try to get too close to her...


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