The Fate That Brings Ushio and Tora Together
Episode 01 Title
Episode Info
 Kanji うしおとらとであうの縁
 Romaji Ushio Tora to Deau no En
 Air Date July 3, 2015
 Episode Direction Matsumura Masaki
 Storyboard Nishimura Satoshi
 Screenplay Inoue Toshiki
 Animation Direction Mori Tomoko
Episode Chronology
← N/A Episode 2

The Fate That Brings Ushio and Tora Together (うしおとらとであうの縁, Ushio Tora to Deau no En) is the 1st episode of Ushio and Tora TV series.



Middle-school student Ushio Aotsuki lives with his temple master father, Shigure. One day, as Ushio is cleaning around the house, he finds something unspeakable in the basement.


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