Chapter 008
Chapter Info
 Volume 2
 Chapter 8
 Japanese Title 第二章「絵に棲む鬼」, 其ノ四 咆哮
 Romanized Title Dainishō: Eni sumu oni, Sonoshi: Hōkō
 Total Pages 20
 Shonen Sunday Issue 1990-25
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Story 2: The Oni in the Painting, Part 4: Roar (第二章「絵に棲む鬼」, 其ノ四 咆哮, Dainishō: Eni sumu oni, Sonoshi: Hōkō) is 8th chapter in the series.



The Oni though Tora also wants Reiko, but Tora told him that he only wants to eat Ushio, then told Ushio to not space out and go get his spear. The Oni tried to stop Ushio, but Tora got in his way, then he questioned Tora why he helps humans, which annoyed Tora who realized he is doing that. As Ushio reached the spear, Tora told him that he is on his own and won't help him. The Oni tried to attack Ushio, but as he transformed, he cut the Oni's hand, who in screams retreated. Reiko told them that after her father died, it's was always like that, then she went home saying that won't happen again. Ushio understood that she had plans to kill herself.

In her house Reiko told her father that he was wrong to hurt all those people, as no one had plans to take her from him and went upstairs. Outside Ushio came with Masaki, and encourage him that he still haven't lost Reiko and can be there for her. They saw Reiko on the rooftop as she jumped. Ushio threw his spear, stopping Reiko from the fall and both him and Masaki went in the house. As they reached the 2nd from they saw from the window that Reiko was about continue to fall and both jumped out of it, Masaki grabbing her, while Ushio grabbing Masaki and holding both. Under them, the Oni showed up with opened hands telling Reiko to jump and he will catch her. He attacked Masaki to make him drop her, but he didn't let go. Ushio asked Reiko if she really wanted to die or to live with friends, and as she started to climb, he pulled them both inside the house. The Oni though that Reiko also betrayed him, Ushio called his spear, preparing to fight him.


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