Chapter 007
Chapter Info
 Volume 1
 Chapter 7
 Japanese Title 第二章「絵に棲む鬼」, 其ノ参 鬼
 Romanized Title Dainishō: Eni sumu oni, Sonosan: Oni
 Total Pages 20
 Shonen Sunday Issue 1990-24
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Story 2: The Oni in the Painting, Part 3: Oni (第二章「絵に棲む鬼」, 其ノ参 鬼, Dainishō: Eni sumu oni, Sonosan: Oni) is 7th chapter in the series.



At school Ushio was low spirited. Asako came telling that they had a practice, but seeing he is not in a mood, she asked him what's up. Ushio told that Masaki had told of Reiko's past and how her mother escaped with the best student of her father. He wasn't able to get over it, then some other family members tried to take Reiko from him and he was desperate to protect her, since it was the only thing he had left. Masaki saw Reiko's father drawing his last painting, pouring all of his soul and hatred into it and having a face like an Oni, and soon after that he died.

Ushio told her that he haven't lost his mood to use Reiko as model and is just wondering how to ask her next time. Asako was glad to hear that, but told him to be careful, because of the rumors of people getting into accident of they get close to Reiko. After Asako left, Tora came telling he found a strange tree and showing a speaker, which made Ushio angry and he hit him.

At the dance practice for the festival, Ushio invited Reiko to teach him how to dance. She was refusing, but eventually agreed. As she was just starting to have fun, a wall of wind surrounded Ushio and her and the Oni came out, hitting Ushio on the head, while the other students were getting blown by the wind. The Oni told that Reiko is his and he will protect her, but Ushio got angry of her foolish father and jumped to punch him, but it didn't had effect and the Oni hit him back. He tried to attack again, but Tora showed up and blocked his attack, telling Ushio he can't believe he is not having his spear.


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