The Centipede Transforms
Chapter 004
Chapter Info
 Volume 1
 Chapter 4
 Japanese Title 第一章「石喰い」 其ノ参 百足変化
 Romanized Title Daiisshō: Ishikui, Sonosan: Mukade Henka
 Total Pages 26
 Shonen Sunday Issue 1990-09
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Story 1: The Stone Eater, Part 3: The Centipede Transforms (第一章「石喰い」, 其ノ弐 獣の槍発揮, Daiisshō: Ishikui, Sonosan: Mukade Henka) is 4th chapter in the series.



Dropping the spear started making Ushio normal human again, and the barrier also started closing. As Ushio was loosing to the Stone Eater, he asked Tora for help, which annoyed Tora, but Ushio told him he wanted he to save the girls. Tora agreed and went and grabbed the turned to stone girls. The Stone Eater tried to attack him, but Tora was able block his attacks and escaped the barrier. Tora told Ushio to get out, but Ushio told him it's too late as he was turning to stone and apologized that he won't be able to eat him. Tora tried to stop the barrier by holding it, telling Ushio he will be the one to eat him. The Stone Eater attacked Tora, biting some pieces from him.

Ushio was thinking of the spear and wanted to get to it, but then the spear flew towards him and pierced him, breaking the stone and turning him back to normal. The flew back to the barrier and stopped it from moving. Tora then let the barrier and the Stone Eater told him that he is a scumbag for helping a human, which angered Tora who unleashed a large lighting attack, blowing even parts of the building.

After the dust cloud cleared, every one saw the transformed Ushio with Tora next to him and the Stone Eater. The latter said that he can't lose to a human and revealed his true form. Tora told Ushio it's weakness and where and how he must attack him and Ushio thanked him. After defeating the Stone Eater, he went to the turned to stone girls and used the spear on them to break the stone and turn them back to humans, who saw how transformed Ushio and Tora left. Later in their house, Tora saw on the news himself and Ushio, thinking it was amazing that he is here but also smaller on the TV.