An elderly Yuki-Onna, Asagiri once married a human man when she was younger but did not reveal her true form to him at first. But she wnted to see if her husband would accept her for who she really was and revealed herself as a Yuki-Ona to him. Her heart was broken when her husband was terrified and ran away. Ever since, Asagiri hated humans just for the abandonment and heartbreak her husband did to her.

She created a daughter and named her Shizuri to help her freeze a city just to gain vengeful satisfaction on humans. However Shizuri fell in love with a highschool boy named Yasu, and Ushio and Tora interfered with Asagiri and Shizuri's wrongdoings. During the confrontation, Shizuri found the courage to defy her mother, and although Asagiri thretened she would turn her back into a snowflake, Shizuri persisted in her love for Yasu.

Sanpitara appeared and explained to everyone Asagiri's tragic past but it did not sway Asagiri and the violence resulted in a car exploding into flames. Shizuri was in danger and Yasu tied to shield her rom the flames with his own body, but instead Shizuri melted in his embrace. Asagiri, tired of hating and being bitter, accepted a proposal from Sanpitara to go to a village where many Yuki-Onna lived peacefully.

But as they left, Sanpitara showed her with a magic mirror that because Yasu's love was true and he held Shizuri till she melted, Asagiri's daughter came back a human and could truly be with the man she loved. Ashamed for mistreating her daughter and happy she had found true, unconditional love, Asagiri could not help but shed tears of joy and sorrow.


Asagiri means "Morning Mist"

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